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"There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that staging your home will have a direct impact on your sale price.  You will sell your home faster and for more money.  Toni Latour is my go-to business partner for home staging.  She has an impeccable eye for spacial design, and can perfectly appoint any space with her curation of art and furniture."

-Connie Buna, realtor


"Toni did a wonderful job in staging our place. It is obvious that her aesthetic and vision for the space were integral to the sale of our condo in one day! There is also no doubt that our selling price reflected her efforts in our home. The furniture and art she selected photographed beautifully. We also liked how she utilized some of our existing pieces in the staging, to save us rental costs. And, to top it off, Toni has a kind and professional demeanour! We highly recommend her."
- Julie and Brock, clients
"Our place looked so good when Toni staged it, that we ourselves were reluctant to leave! Our condo sold in a mere two days. All dealings with Toni were super straight-forward and stress-free. We highly recommend Toni!"
- Lara and Annie, clients

"Toni was able to transform our place from a busy, messy family home to an exquisite show home, which helped us sell for nearly $100,000 over the asking price.  Toni worked incredibly quickly – truly under an impossible deadline – applying her professional experience to refresh the appearance of our home.  The results were remarkable and received numerous positive comments from prospective buyers and realtors alike.  We would not hesitate to recommend Toni to anyone and look forward to working with her again in the future!"

-Rachel and Jon, clients

"My partner and I decided to sell our home late in the year, giving us a very short time-window to make everything ready.  Thankfully, our realtor recommended Toni for doing the staging.  With less than a week to prepare, Toni made what seemed like an overwhelming prospect into manageable parts, patiently working with us on the parts we had to decide for ourselves and deploying her expertise on everything else.  Under Toni's direction, our place was transformed--looking at the pictures I remarked that I'd buy it again!  Buyers seemed to agree, as the place sold for over market price.  We would recommend Toni to anyone needing an attractive, expert home staging.  Even more, her kindness and assured manner shone through in a very stressful time.  Toni, thanks for your incredible help!"

-JB, client

"Beautiful!! We are so super grateful for the speed at which everything got done.  Toni's help was invaluable and we were super impressed with Vancity movers, too.  I expect we'll want to work again with both in the future."

-Jen, client

“Toni worked her magic while I lay on my bed reading poetry. I went from feeling uninspired in my space to loving every corner. Toni used what I had and made the space feel fresh and curated, instead of feeling like a storage locker where I happen to live and work. I’m using the mini systems she put in place around my home, like a charging station, an office tray for cables, and a pre-laundry clothes bin. I feel excited to come home and enjoy my space rather than looking around and thinking WHY is this not WORKING?! Toni made it work.”

-Amanda, Home Refresh client

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