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Toni's Home Staging Fees

1 bedroom: $1500

2 bedroom: $2000

3 bedroom: $2500

4 bedroom: $3000


Home Staging Services include consultation, furniture and accessory selection, booking movers, coordination of move, full staging services, pack up, and move out coordination.  The above fees are for staging only and do not include the cost of rental furniture, accessories, artwork or movers.  Fees can be higher depending on square footage and the scope of the project.  Detailed written estimates are provided after consultation.

Common Total Costs of Full Stage

1 bedroom: $5000-$6000

2 bedroom: $6000-$7000

3 bedroom: $7000-$8000

4 bedroom: $8000-$9000

This includes the staging fee, the rental fee, and the movers. 

Home Staging Consultation Fee

$200 in town

$250 out of town

This is a one hour consultation, often paid for by real estate agents, to add a value package to their clients' listing.  In the consultation, I give the clients suggestions regarding what to keep in their space, what to move into storage, and what to add in order to make their home ready for photos and open houses.  At this time, many clients decide to book me for full staging services that they pay for directly, while others prefer to do the work themselves based on my consultation. 

Finishing Touches Fee


After a consultation, some clients choose to follow my recommendations and do the work themselves.  In this case, I can be hired to come in on the day photos or showings are happening to complete any finishing work so everything looks perfect!

Decorating & Organization

Home Refresh $500

Have you been sitting at home all these months, wanting to improve and beautify your home, but don't have a budget for new things?  I can help!  Let's use what you have!  I can come into your home and help you rearrange your furniture, rehang your art, and bring out and place some of your favourite things.  It's amazing how a home can be transformed in a day with the right design guidance.  

Merging Homes and Lives $100/hr

Moving in together?  Need some impartial and compassionate help deciding what to keep and what to store, sell or donate?  Need some help merging your lives together in one space - I can help!

Sourcing Furniture and Accessories for your Home $100/hr


Ready to buy new furniture and accessories for your home but don't know where to look or how to start?  Or don't have the time or skill set?  I can help!  I can come into your home and have a consultation with you to get an idea of what you're looking for, and/or you can rely on my expert guidance and advice.  I will do the work to send you a list of links for each item you're looking for.  I will narrow down your choices to about 3 so you don't have to search endlessly, but you still have some choice.  This list will be the basis for your on-line shopping and delivery - it's that easy.

Home or Workplace Organization $100/hr

Does your home or workplace need a revamp?  New furniture, new lighting, better organization and flow?  I can help! 

Sourcing Items for Your Renovation $100/hr

Looking into doing a renovation?  I know it can be overwhelming.  I can help source all the items you need.  I will come into your home and do a consultation to determine what you're looking for.  I will then go to work sourcing those items for you, giving you about 3 choices for each.  This will cut your time down tremendously, while still giving you choice.  That list will become the source of your on-line ordering.

Renovation Project Management $100/hr

Need help organizing and managing your renovation?  I can help with that. Renovations can be stressful and overwhelming.  There are many moving parts and the order of trades and events is critical.  I can source and hire skilled and reliable tradespeople, set a schedule, manage a timeline and make sure the work is getting done.  I can also source all the materials you will need.  Your home will be transformed and impeccable in the end!  The pricing for this can be $100/hr or a fixed price.  Estimates are provided after consultation.


Art Framing &

Art Hanging $100/hr for work in home

Art Framing $35/hr for framing work outside your home, plus material costs

Do you have some favourite prints or original pieces you always meant to get framed?  I can frame them and hang them at the proper height and placement!

Art hanging is done with a keen eye toward scale, placement, and museum standard height.  I will expertly hang your existing artwork, or your new acquisitions or rentals. 


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